Painting The Town Mustard

June 22, 2016 by Vicki

I have a wild crush at the moment.

I have always had a thing for mustard yellow in the fashion stakes and these feels have not dulled this season.

I often stop in my tracks and applaud a good mustard piece because I fancy a flash of colour in amongst the usual black and grey winter staples. You with me?

I won’t lie either, the mustard compliments my ranga locks. With that said, I own nudda of the stuff. How that has happened baffles me but in truth, finding the good stuff isn’t always easy. I haven’t laid eyes on a good mustard piece in an actual shop so I just “had to” go and do some research online. For this post, and all.

So here are my top nine mustard winter pieces that I’ve found. Feast your eyes and clutch your credit cards mustard lovers.

Untitled design-2

From left to right:

1/Dotti Full Mood Cardigan. Now $29.95 down from $59.95! (This is a great temptation friends)

2/ ASOS Alter Petite Pinafore Tailored Jumpsuit $104.00 (how good would a tailored shirt go under this?)

3/ Vofaln Mustard A-Line Mini Skirt $39.00

4/ Sportsgirl Curve Hem Sweater $79.95

5/ ASOS Vesper Cold Shoulder Cape Dress with Keyhole $122 reduced to $85.00 (soooooo fancy!)

6/ Review Imelda Jumper $149.95 reduced to $79

7/ Etsy Mustard Boot Cuffs – $41.61 (mustard accessories all the way)

8/ Yellow Women’s Business Stand Collar Raglan Long Sleeves Suit Coat

9/ Ella Sanders Baltic Sweater Cape $349.00 reduced to $259.00

Any of my picks take your fancy?

What tones do you like to wear in winter?

10 Things I Am Grateful For

June 17, 2016 by Vicki

DSC_0878I can bitch and moan. I can bitch and moan real good about all the things I think I could have in my life or that aren’t going to plan but it brings little joy. In fact, moaning is a dead set kill joy.

Recognising the sparkly bits, now that will not be killing too much joy. If we can recognise good and show gratitude for it, we have hope of growing a happy heart and we all desire one of those right? Happiness, now that’s everyones drug.

So this is what I am feeling grateful for this funny old Friday:

  1. The big box of veggies that was delivered yesterday. They’re all grown on a local farm and delivered to my kitchen looking immaculate and like little health ninjas. Filing my house with the right food gives me a silly little buzz.
  2. My husband for rocking the hubby gig. He just gave me a sleeping in because I had a headache. Just an example at his awesome-ness.
  3. Netflix. Yes seriously, Netflix for bringing entertainment to my life when I cannot get out of the house for say a date with the hubstar to the flicks, for example. Modern technology makes motherhood a smidgen easier yeah?
  4. For being embraced in this space. Like always. I have been trolled once and the army of supporters that come to my defence was an amazing show of support and I totally felt like the cool kid. You guys always read the complete dribbling rambles here and it amazes me! To top it off you usually have something profound to share in response that rocks my world.
  5. My kids. Total nutters but always my little teachers and little love givers.
  6. For having things to look forward to. Fiji for example. The hard days are a little bit easier when there is something to look forward to and I am grateful I will get to experience the good life after a hard-ish year with my little family so very soon.
  7. For the stranger who made the effort to smile at me in passing, just ‘cos. I appreciated it because so many other couldn’t muster up the effort. Smiles can heal.
  8. For my faith. I’m a Jesus lover. Bet ya didn’t know that hey?
  9. For Licorice Leg tea. My new winter comfort often shared with Mr Vick and we all know tea is best shared.
  10. Community. Wherever I go I develop and adopt communities. When I met Mr Vick he couldn’t believe how many people I had in my network and that I considered to be my people. I soon realised that I adopt people. I like feeling close to them and luckily people seem to embrace me in return. These people are often attached to a community and give me so much energy and support often unknowingly. I love having a multitude of little families.

Alright team, your turn! What are you grateful for this Friday? Write them down. Share them here, if you please. I promise, it feels alright (good even)!

The Arrogance of the Third Child – 11 Month Update

June 13, 2016 by Vicki



Oh sweet baby cheeses! This time in two weeks I will be writing my first birthday letter to my baby Mango.

In the last three months since I last dedicated a post to Mango, he has become all kinds of capable and it’s all shades of terrifying.

He is walking. Walking at 10 months old. It’s as scary as it sounds. He is everywhere you don’t want him to be and getting there faster. Of course he is totally loving himself sick for it.

It has given him the confidence to climb all the things too. He is my 11 month old Spiderman. I could spend my entire days supervising him but alas, he’s the third so more often than not I leave him to his own devises because I have chilled out like that as a parent and because I’ve got shit to do. He gets himself into some precarious situations no doubt. My favourite hairy moment was finding him standing on the edge of the bath. STANDING ON THE EDGE OF THE BATH!! He was holding on to the bench with one hand, don’t worry.

The good news to come from the walking, climbing spiderman business is that the poor dear Mango gets all tuckered out from it all. I am sometimes getting five hour stints at night time people!! 5 hours! It’s good news for my sleep bank and banished sanity.

My sweet, compliant baby seems to be dissolving into some kind of three-nanger. The kid throws tantrums already! Talk about balsy. He is decisive and determined which is good for him but can’t he wait to be an adult before he practises such traits?

He has many demands and a list of no no’s that would rival Mariah Carey’s appearance stipulations. No sitting in the hair chair, no cleaning his face or hands, no food unless it’s been tried and tested, no restrictions regarding his mobility, no strapping into the car seat, no hugs or kisses (gasp), but definitely no hugging his siblings either, no shoes, no socks, no hats, no nappy changes, no nappy at all in fact and forget getting him dressed. That’s a twisty, yelly nightmare of a situation. Needless to say, he’s got shaking his head nailed.

I can smell a certain arrogance about him and it’s unprecedented here. His brothers have had their own wacky idioscincracies but not to this level of confidence and pushiness. Is this the way it goes for third babies? Do they up the anti in order to be noticed? As if the stakes weren’t high enough. His brother broke his leg for beeping sake.

I was kinda hoping it might feel a little easier as we neared his first birthday (idiot).

He still loves a good tune and his ability to sing along with the Star Wars theme song is quite impressive and a sure sign he is third in line with big brothers.

There’s other cute stuff too. His waving, clapping and obsessive adoration for the retro telephone pleases his fans. We shall not forget the good stuff.

So, now I have to proceed with my first birthday party planning, as reluctant as I am. I have said this before, time apologises for no one and keeps presenting the little shifts into new chapters. I am a helpless bystander in this phenomenon.

Any ideas for a first birthday party? 

Do you think third born children can be arrogant? 

Finger Food For All The Little People

June 10, 2016 by Vicki

DSC_0429DSC_0424We are well and truly into the finger food stage here. Mango is dead set on feeding himself, so me and my spoon can get right outta town. It does mean I’ve had to adjust what I prepare and cook for him. It requires just a little more thought because he has to have things soft and easy to gnash and chew but also hold together so it doesn’t disintegrate in his little fingers.

Today I thought I’d share what some of our regular go-to’s are here. There’s nothing terribly original or genius in this list, but it works for us and I like a good share sesh.

Please remember all of these foods listed are sliced or diced smaller so that they’re manageable and not a choking hazard. I know you know, but ya know….

Here is our list of top fingers foods:

Fruit plate – I mix it up. I like to add a variety of whatever we have: berries, mandarin, pear, grapes, banana and dried fruit are favourites here. Variety is good so nothing gets old and it’s good for them to experience a range of flavours and textures in one hit.

Savoury plate – this is a variety mix too. Sometimes I serve up a slice of cheese, a slice of ham, tofu, rice biscuits etc

Zucchini slice

Broccoli nuggets


Hard boiled eggs

Vegetable Shreddies 

Roast Veggies/steamed veggies/any kinda veggies: Mango loves peas and corn! I don’t know if it’s the taste or the delight in being able to pick up each granule one by one and deliver it to his mouth!

Homemade potato chips (roasted and not too crunchy)

Gnocchi – Mango’s favorite


Mini muffins. We love these Almond, Coconut and Raspberry  and Banana, Apple and Cinnamon ones.

Cheese – sliced, grated or in sticks, it all goes in the mouth here

Banana picklets



Slices of tender meat – fish and chicken are favourites here and Mango loves a good chew on a lamb bone too.



Sweet potato fritters

Corn fritters (we’re big on those fritters)


Avocado slabs

Fruit puffs or Cheerios


Rice balls

Sandwiches – an oldie but a goodie. Fillings might include cheese, avocado, ham, mashed up egg or peanut butter.

Any finger foods that you’d recommend?

How did you deal with the mess of an infant discovering food?

There She Goes: May

June 2, 2016 by Vicki

may 1may 2may 3We started off May well. You’ll see from my Instagram shots there were beach visits, cake for Mothers Day, hair cuts, cooking the right foods, walks out admiring the autumn leaves, passport applications, a trip to the city, happy happy la la and then the lurgy hit. LURGY. AND. A. HALF. The kids went down, one by one. Fevers, aches, upset tummies, runny noses and razor throats. The combo. Sleepless-ness was rife (so really we were like every second other family).

I kept making and drinking bone broth and hoping it was protecting me from the plague like a shield screaming F*@K OFF but nothing could protect me in reality. I don’t usually get sick. I’m tough mudder. I was bred in the country ya know with all that fresh air, but holy Batman, all this was forgotten because I don’t remember being so sick (exaggerated maybe). It was the ole get everyone better and then fall hard thing. I think I was sickly for two and a half weeks. I was a mombie mess and ridiculously exhausted. Slow days in and out were endured with Mr Vick nurturing me, giving me nanna naps and cups of tea despite his own self confessed man flu sickness and uni responsibilities that collided at once. But slowly slowly I have started to come good again (I’m ignoring the lingering pesky sore throat). Just in time for June and we all know what June is, FIJI month!!! (*cue: jazz hands)

I might just add Eurovision was definitely a highlight for me in May. As she is every year. Go Dami! I’ve got that song stuck in my head, have you not? And boy, I was feeling all patriotic and emotional watching her sing. I’m a geek like that for sure (I miss Conchita). I digress (from what, I’m not too sure…)

Did I learn anything this month? The importance of team in parenting. My tribe is limited right now. I have a small pool of players to help out, but a good husband who gets it is everything. Mines a compassionate giver for sure.

So what did I learn? Only breed with the good ones.

Have you had the monstrosity of a lurgy already?

Did you marry a good one?

How did your May pan out?

Winter Style

May 31, 2016 by Vicki
*****This is not a sponsored post. Not even a single gifted freebie (but I'm happy for that to change)

With the onset of each new season, my wardrobe always feels like it needs a little freshen up and it’s no secret that a mothers clothing receives an absolute beating.

I always love a good shop. It’s my crack and this year I enter winter being the curviest I’ve ever been so my usual get up just isn’t going to stretch. That is absolutely an invitation to go shopping.

I often fall under the spell of Country Road, Seed, Elm, Bohemian Traders and Witchery for every day, durable mumsy wear but find Miranda Murphy, Mister Zimi and Totem are my kinda threads when I want to rock a more unique, bright print as feature pieces in my wardrobe.

Of course I can never go passed a good op shop find but my time to flick through the wracks isn’t so plentiful these days so more often than not I’m needing to head directly to a store and buy exactly what I need and not leave it to chance.

I’m learning that paying a little more often pays off. I am buying less these days, but spending a little more for quality. It has to wash well. That’s all there is to it. It has to because it will be washed twice a week, every week until it dies which has to be not next Tuesday.

So, wanna see what made the cut?

Untitled design

From top left to right:  Elm Gilt Edge tee in charcoal $69.95, Witchery long sleeve V Curve Split top $49.95, Witchery Stripe Longsleeve Curve Hem top $49.95

Middle from left to right: Witchery Hi Lo Slouch Knit reduced to $99.95, Elm Dazzled pullover $139.95, Witchery Long line Puffer $139.95

Bottom left to right: Target active dance floor print tee $15, Witchery Washed Indigo Jean $119.95, Lorna Jane Spot Me 7/8 Tights $96.99

This season I’m still all about the flowy top to hide the gut and everyone needs some basics for some winter layering, no? I can never go passed a stripe or dot. Never. It’s always in my wardrobe each season. I also like to buy a new knit each winter and there is one rule: it’s gotta be snuggly. Last season I eyed off that pinky wool number and resisted only to think about it ALL. THE. TIME. So this season I nabbed it before I could regret anything and it is THE BEST for warmth and snuggle value.

I’ve hit a point where I need to get moving. Boring but true. Buying new active wear encourages me to get my rear moving. It’s a theory anyway, right? Tights and tee purchased ready. I’m so diligent like that and oh, look, dots again!

I discovered I’ve gone a few winters without a good coat. How is that so you might ask? Well, I’ve been pregnant throughout winter so often in the last half decade and had my own bambino internal heater. That is not so anymore and now I have chilly morning school drop offs as well so an investment in a coat was kinda a must. I love a bit of fur on a coat hood. The eskimo look appeals to me, so the above Witchery one won me right on over.

So, my winter wardrobe game is going strong. I’m equipped for the chill.

What brands or labels do you buy time and time again?

What are you wearing right now that you love?

Today I’m linking up with Essentially Jess for #IBOT. Head over for some Tuesdee reading x

Images Of A Home

May 26, 2016 by Vicki

It’s been a whole 16 days since I last blogged. Consistency is not my strong game right now.

Not that I know what I’ve been doing for the last 16 days. Just parenting shit, ya know?

The whole Vicklet crew caught the lurgy, and Mango baby has been waking at 5.30am, he’s also started climbing everything too which means a watchful eye needs to be on him. all. the. times. and I could go on from here to next Tuesday about all the grizzly things but really all you need to know is that parenting has generally been stealing the life out of me. Blah blah blah. I’m such a bore. I honestly don’t know why I still get surprised by how hard parenting is and how frequently.

People often ask ‘how are you’ and I think how the heck do I answer that? It’s a complex answer so I usually just say, ‘oh pretty good thanks’ because who really wants to know about how my day off with my infant shitting on the carpet and crawling through it at 5.40am?

So it’s all so day to day here. I took some photos because I was missing my clicking baby and just to feel like I’m still a capable creative human being. They’re unedited images because I have a new laptop and I can’t for the life of me think of the name of the photo editing software that I like to use (mombie symptom). Of course there are others but I’m too stubborn to convert. So for now there is no filter and I kinda like that too. They’re all truth.



DSC_0070DSC_0011DSC_0032DSC_0038DSC_00241/ We put our pumpkins in late this summer so we only got two and they’re small and I’m unsure if they’re going to cut it but I’ve had them in the sun trying to get them to rippen a smidgen more with the hope we can do something with them.

2/I bought these veggies two weeks ago and now they’ve just sat on our front porch waiting for a fresh plot and to be planted. The rain and general life chaos has apprehended me in getting them in. Looks like they’ll be late to the party too.

3/ I’ve been trying to get the Vicklets to drink smoothies to boost their immune system and fight off the lurgy. They taste good. Real good but do you think Baby Vick is going there? Not a chance.

4/ We have a little escapee. Baby Mango bolts for the door anytime it is opened. He loves to climb in and out over the step. It’s his things right now.

5/ This Hibiscus is a welcome sight when it flowers during the onset of wintery times. We planted this over a decade ago and it’s still dishing up the pretty goods.

6/ Baby Vick sure loves his wheels. He fearlessly gains speed down the slope of our drive way straight at our car. I think he can’t stop in time. He always does.

7/ The reality. There’s is always washing. This was a good day.

Do you always have over flowing washing baskets hanging around requiring attention?

What photo editing program do you use?

Has the winter lurgy hit you already?

A Catch Up In The Kitchen

May 11, 2016 by Vicki


I was just boasting about the beautiful indian summer we were having last week in this post, and then wintery autumn dashed anything I might have been enjoying. To be honest, the wild wintery weather going by the window is refreshing. It has felt so good turning the heater on, cuddling under a blanket and spending some time indoors. It’s slowed the pace down a little and that’s what I’ve needed following the ridiculous nights I’m having getting up to the Vicklets. I got up six times last night to hungry, bed wetting little people. But thats another post.

Living amongst these parenting trenches I have to find something a little bit nurturing each day. We all need a little dose of daily soul food right? This week I have found mine in the kitchen.

On Monday after possibly the worst morning I’ve ever had with the Vicklets (read about it here) I could have collapsed but instead I decided to cook because for some reason that felt like a fulfilling option. With the rain pelting down outside, making something warm for our tummies made sense. So I decided to stock up the fridge a little bit with some quick, go to snacks and meals because it’s always better to have something on hand for hungry kids right? They eat me alive here if I don’t present something yummy and at a lightening pace. I’m learning to be one step ahead.

I don’t know about your kidlets but mine are cray-cray for fried rice. Good old fashioned friend rice and I don’t mind that because hello easy! It is eaten and seconds and thirds are ordered every time. So I got a pot of rice going whilst I made a start on some sausage rolls. I decided to try out a new recipe for Chicken and Vegetable Sausage rolls from Create Make Bake.

Sauseage rollsUm, winners! They are a healthier option with the sneaky veg in there and they seem lighter and tastier than the usual beef variety I make. They’ve been great to have on hand in the fridge this week as they’ve been going in lunch boxes, served up as snacks and accompanying soup. I was hoping some might go in the freezer but who am I kidding!?

Today I’m deciding what to make again. I’m tempted by these fluffy banana pikelets that Veggie Mama flaunted earlier this week. I’d be popular making those but given Baby Vick is laying on the beanbag under a blanket looking sorry for himself it’s looking like we might need a pot of Chicken soup filled up with bone broth for medicinal magic.

I’ve been making my own bone broth for a while now and freezing it for moments of need. If you don’t know much about the merits of bone broth, this is a great article to catch you up. I’m devout.

So chicken soup it will be today. That is also a Vicklet favourite, actually it’s an everyone favourite.  I’m not much of a food blogger but I’ll share the recipe another day if you wanna see it. K?


What have you been making this week?

Is Chicken soup a favorite in your household too?

Does your cooking change with season?

Running Rings Around Me

May 9, 2016 by Vicki


6am. I awake to Baby Mango crying. I stagger to his room where I quickly whip the boob out in the hope he will feed and go back to sleep and there will be peace for another hour or so. He takes it, but then sits up with that smirk that says ‘not gonna play your way mumma’.  At the same time I can hear his brothers in their room giggling and shouting something in their boy language at one another. Looks like the new Groclock isn’t going to help me. I feel deranged from another night of wakefulness getting up boobing an infant and a toddler who now demands to not wear nappies but insists on wetting the bed. Regardless, the day is under way. Game on.

The older Vicklets hit the floor running. A game of yelly chasey is under way whilst I rub the sleep from my eyes and wonder why they have been gifted all the energy for the entire household again today. They keep running over their baby brother and closing the door on him.

I try to change Baby Mangos nappy as he tries to wrestle for dear life and get free. He does and poo hits the carpet as his bottom does. He screams as I hold him down to get this sorted. How can a ten month old almost out strengthen me?

Someone is hungry, they feel the need to tell me. I ignore them. The chef is still waking up.

Little Vick screams at the top of his lungs because, it’s fun. It’s 6.13am. WTF.

Baby Mango is climbing the table. Again. I remove him. He climbs straight back up. I remove him. He climbs straight back up. Sigh…..

The boys disappear into their room. Some reprieve. Hallelujah! I could make use of the time but instead sit like a zombie. Time passes. Finally, I stagger to put the first load of pee infested washing on. It’s 6.21am.

I suddenly realise the silence from that boys bedroom is sounding seriously concerning. I enter to find they have pulled down an entire washing basket full of clean, folded clothing onto the floor where they have also added a huge box worth of costumes AND they’re stomping on it all. Mummy anger fills my body and I leak just a little bit of stabby-ness because didn’t I tell them yesterday NOT TO DO THIS AGAIN???

Whilst I was out of the kitchen Mango got into the bin.

Much nagging happens but finally all Vicklets attend the table for breakfast. Mango pulls Little Vicks bowl over. Milk and Weetbix launch across the table and onto the floor. Mango looks impressed. Little Vick cries. We start breakfast again. I do not eat, HELL NO! I’m too busy policing the antagonising that’s going on across the table and trying to feed Mango who is refusing to eat.

Boys commence running around and yelling and generally trying to kill each other. One escapes! Little Vick has gone outside in the rain with bare feet and is getting his PJ’s dirty and wet. Oh such joy to my eyes! I share some stern words to which scares him right back in.

Lots of nagging about the need to get dressed goes to deaf ears. I eventually catch one to start the dressing process. Whilst I am doing so Mango is climbing up me because he did indeed wake up too early and now wants to be put back to sleep. Ignore said baby who is now grizzling in my ear whilst I try and get his brothers to help themselves to get dressed. More nagging. Lots of boyish shenanigans. More huffing. Deep breathes.

Mango vomits on the carpet. I clean it up, just after he has crawled through it.

I put Mango in bed and close the door. He screams. Too bad, I need to go to the loo. Baby Vick seizes the opportunity to go into his baby brothers room and climb the change mat and jump into the cot with his brother and wrestle him. I know because his oldest brother stands at the toilet door and commentates it all for me. I get Mango back out. I don’t have time for this settling business and I give a time out to Baby Vick who doesn’t think it is justified. He removes himself from the time out spot. I put him back on. He removes himself. My patience has been drained. I get yelly. He cries. His older brother continues to commentate as if we don’t know what is going on?!?

I realise I did not buy bread yesterday for school lunch. Fark! I resurrect my pride by announcing I’m going to allow Little Vick to have a lunch order today. Surely the ultimate of treats? But apparently it is not so sparkly because I don’t have enough change for a chocolate milk and to top it off I have the right money which means he will miss out on getting change from the canteen, like his friends do. The world is so unfair!

Baby Mango continues to climb shit. I rescue him a dozen times in between all of it.

Baby Vick hits Little Vick. Little Vick relays the entire proceedings as I pack a school bag and instructs on how I should discipline his brother. I unleash a very scary Mummy stare at said brother and then tell them to  ‘scram, I got stuff to be doing’.

Silly mistake mummy. Said children have fled to another bedroom to create havoc. I enter to discover my already made bed has been stripped. Pillows, doona and all are now on the floor. Baby Mango has pulled down my lampshade and spilled my glass of bedside water on the floor and all over himself. Horrors of all horrors, my brand new laptop was on the bed and has now been flung to the ground also. Cue: major mummy meltdown. All the yelly, stabby shit I hate leaks right on out of my mouth. I’m too tired for this.

I am starting to understand why Baby Vick called me Miss Trunchbull from Matilda.

I feel guilty, instantly. Tears roll down my cheek as I change Mango again, wrestling style of course.

I look at the clock and we are late. Hugs are given to bandage up my guilt and stop Baby Vicks tears because quick sticks, we need to be on the school train pronto.

I make Little Vicks snacks for school whilst yelling for the Vicklets to get their shoes on. Baby Vick has taken his socks off again. I yell for him to find them and I can feel the stabby-ness rising again. This is surely ageing me.

Mango pulls out all of the wipes from the wipe box.

Someone hits someone. Too much.

I concede, I feel like a mess.

We arrive at school five minutes late. I feel deflated by my efforts. I’m embarrassed we’re late again and deflated by my yelly mummy self. I say farewell to Little Vick, glad to be lightening the load for a bit and quickly chip in ‘to enjoy his lunch order’ as an effort to patch up all the craziness.

I cry in the car.

I breathe.

I dream about having a day off. Just one day.

I dig deep and push on.

It’s 9.12am.

Oh April

May 3, 2016 by Vicki

april shots 1april shots 2A few months have slipped by without me recapping the month gone by. I think I have been living in some kind of hyper fog but I’ve submerged and I’ve got my mojo back. For this month anyway.

April, she’s a good month. She’s my birth month so plenty of treats and love.

When I look at my shots on Instagram for April I can see I was all over the fresh food thing. I’ve turned into some organic green hippy (I use that title very loosely) and I love it! Mr Vick says the farmers market is my new happy place. I come back beaming and inspired to create and no husband complains about a wife who is motivated to cook do they? No wonder he booked a trip to Fiji for us.

This month we have been getting a bit more comfortable with the whole school thing. We’ve been sinking more deeply into the routine with the commencement of term two and it’s starting to feel a little more normal. I’m getting the hang of a good lunch box snack array and the dynamic of having just the two little Vicklets around. Have you seen that Mango baby? He is going on 10! Sheesh.

April was also a month of surprises. A trip to Fiji and did I mention I got a new MacBook Air for my birthday? Hooly dooly! I don’t recall ever feeling so spoilt. I think it’s reasonable to say May will be the month of counting down to Fiji and setting screen time limits for myself.

And how’s the glorious indian summer we’ve been having (except the last two days)? I don’t recall a more summery autumn in my life! But gosh, not complaining. No siree. Its wonderful and I’m happy to be left guessing when I will be able to get my overcoat and boots out.

How was your April? Any surprises?

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