Hooroo Summer

March 3, 2015 by Vicki

Can it really be? Can summer already be three days gone?

Each year when summer passes we question if we made the most of it. It’s so longed for and yet when it’s upon us life fills up with all the busyness and we meander through it like any other season. Then we scramble to achieve the things we had on our little mental wish list for summer in the final hours. We always pine for more time at the beach and this year, with Mr Vick studying and working exorbitant hours it has meant there has been jack all beach times.

When I look back through my summer snaps on Instagram, I can see there was a whole lot of goodness though. I really don’t deserve to sook.

It served up berry farms, ice creams, chickens to raise, buckets of fresh home grown produce, baby chickens, new beginnings, sprinkler times, sunshine, cricket, camping, BBQ’s and family hanging.

Untitled design(8)

That last photo is undoubtedly the the rock star winner of the lot. It’s one of only a handful of family photos ever captured of us all. It was a happy day that one, just shit kicking in the park together.

I think they’re the best memories from the summer. The ones where it was just me and my boys free and loving in one anothers company. Those times might have been more limited than we’d hoped, but they filled us up and nourished our needy little souls.

Did you get to have many summer time adventures?

What was your favorite thing about this summer?

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All the Pregnet-ness > 24 Weeks

February 27, 2015 by Vicki

24 weeks baby 3

That there is all 24 weeks of my bump. Yeah, I would have said 34 weeks at least too.

I’m getting the eyes of pity from passerbyers. The “oh that poor girl who is about to give birth” look. Yeah, nah. Just getting going with the bump really. It’s just warming up which is a little frightening considering the pressure my poor little pelvis is trying to deal with already. With 16 weeks to go, I think my pelvis is going to be the Hulk of all pelvises. I’m banking on it anyway. Although part of me suspects that this is going to be the pregnancy which will bust my vagina – before I even give birth!

Obviously that vag of mine is right out of sight from my view now. Long gone. I don’t know exactly when it happened but two weeks ago in the shower I looked down and realised the bump has over taken any views below. I just have to splash some water around and hope for the best now. I wonder if it lets me out of waxing maintenance? If I can’t see my designer fur triangle, need it be done (until precisely a week before due date when I realise her moment is virtually on)?

Of course I’m keeping up to the preggie stereo type and feeling all the feelings. Just call me the teary tragic. Water seems to just fall from my eyes about zee everything. I emotionally invest way too much. I’m so deep right now. I want to dissect and talk about everything. Mr Vick is ready to hire a new husband for me I suspect.

I have had the realisation that I have to enforce an intervention against myself, being myself. I just can’t do it all. I can’t load up my days with all the things I might normally achieve comfortably and live off minimal sleep. It creates one irritable, bumpin’, crazy lady. The penny dropped last week: LADY YOU’RE PREGNANT, like really, and you’re responsible for two other little people who siphon energy like it’s endangered air. I just don’t have the stamina that I had during the previous two rounds of pregnetness. I need to be kind to me and I’m really shit at that so I’m giving myself little pep talks to lay off virtually every day. There will definitely be no backpacking around Europe this time.

Here’s some tidbits for you:

Eating: Cherry Ripes and Bushman Nut Selection

Feeling: Baby Mango kicks ALL DAY LONG. I was hoping for a calm individual and I fear this is not consistent with my dream

Wanting: To find some preggie zen at pre-natal yoga. Always wanted to give this a go

Did you cry a lot when you were pregnant?

Did you have to slow down during subsequent pregnancies?

Have you missed a post from this week?

A Family Holiday



A Family Holiday

February 24, 2015 by Vicki

Last week I deserted the blog ship and fled up the highway with the car packed to the beejeebers. Mr Vick and the Vicklets were right beside me as we were all determined to share the experience of a family holiday.

The highway led to Warrnambool, Mr Vick and I’s hometown (well, I lived a halfer up the road to be precise but same same really). My parentals were camping at the notorious Surfside One Caravan Park so we crashed their party and set up our penthouse tent beside them for a little glamping experience. We had no sooner set that tent up and a train roared passed and we had to wonder why year after year we choose to sleep 100 metres from a train line which puts the fear of death through us every single time one goes by. On the other hand we were only 300 metres away from the beach so it was virtually a perfect spot, no?


{The train line was at the end of the green grass. Crazy much?}

Being in our home town we visited old haunts and marveled at the growth since our days of childhood. To the average eye the surrounds of some of these places would look weathered and tired, but to us they’re alive from a bank of colourful memories that create the web of our past. The simple things there bring comfort and a familiarity. Stories were shared and times revisited which formed a kind of nostalgic contentedness.


This holiday brought so much hope of a restful, nourishing experience but as it always goes, time in Warrnambool becomes a barrage of family visits and obligations that steals us away from just being idle and ain’t that the purpose of camping after all? By night fall I was beyond exhausted. I spoke incoherently similar to a child long passed their bedtime and it was like Mr Vick spoke alien lingo at me. I just couldn’t compute a thing and I played on the irritable team for most of the time. That’s a sure sign of over loading. Of course five minutes alone with this helped a little:


On the up side we had no wet beds, not too many night time wakings and Baby Vick resisted from eating dirt and running on the road. We all lived! It was a relief after our last camping attempt almost twelve months ago which I’d rather eat camel turd than relive.

There were definitely moments that are going straight to the memory bank for keeps. Times never to be repeated and treasured. I just loved having my parentals at hand to step in and be cricket slaves to my up and coming Donald Bradman, aka Little Vick. They didn’t feel inclined to limit the play like I so often do.


There’s Don himself

1-DSC_0631My Dad made some makeshift slay out of tarp and rope which of course was the Vicklet bomb


Cricket, BBQ’s, backgammon, the beach, grandparents, the playground and more cricket. Basically, that was our holiday in a nut shell. We returned home, very happy to be there. Sure, we were just a little too tired and verging on hating one another but none the less, grateful for a shift in routine and a chance to visit a place filled with our favorite people and happy memories.


Do you ever revisit your home town and reminisce?

Have you been to Warrnambool?

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February 22, 2015 by Vicki

“A portrait of my Vicklets, once a week, every week, in 2015″


Little Vick: You yabber and talk all day long. Even in the shower. Even when there may be no one else there listening. You talk in mumbles of your imaginary scenarios and seem delighted in your own colorful world that you create. Life is cheerful and good for you. Each day brings so much possibility. You are the epitome of being four.


Baby Vick: You love nothing more than jumping on the trampoline in the nudy with the sprinkler spraying you on a warm summers day. I know not another activity that will capture your attention for so long. When I watch you doing this, I see all the things that childhood should be.

52 project

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Notice and Melt

February 13, 2015 by Vicki

Can I just say, kindergarten is the most marvelous thing ever invented. How GOOD is it???

Little Vick has exploded in confidence, in all the right ways over the passed two weeks since attending. He is now a stella citizen which is a vast improvement from the prior few weeks. By jove by jolly, I was ready to flee to Tasmania again because he was so dreadfully awful to his poor preggie mother. I didn’t even know who the kid was anymore he was so devilish and I was outta my mind trying to figure out how to parent him. I didn’t really have the foggiest on how to manage it. All I could do was pray for kinder to make a difference and BAM, it fixed him up in an instant! Halle-frickin-lujah! He has settled right down and returned back to being HUMAN. He is a delight actually. The kid I always thought I was raising, maybe even a smidgen better If I’m honest. I’m a tad proud of his grown up-ness that’s been on display.

First day of big boy kinder

But the best thing I’m discovering about kinder, is time with the other Vicklet, the one who is often in the shadow of his big brother, my second born, my Baby Vick.

Yeah, seems I have this other uber adorable kid and I feel like a complete DUMMY because I’m just noticing the full extent of his delights. Without his brother he is the most well behaved, agreeable individual who does all the cuteness. It’s a 360 turn around, let me tell you. He interacts so beautifully and listens, actually listens. The beauty here is that I don’t have the distraction of another kidlet so I am seeing it all. I’m actually NOTICING because of all the time and all the space kinder has freed up. I feel like a bit of a shite mother to be saying these things but baby no. two for me has been hard mudder and I haven’t always felt the joy. I’ve felt like I am living in the middle of a tug of war between my jobs, all the people or all the obligations. Poor Baby Vick has known nothing but a busy, distracted Mummy who negotiates and focuses at large on his big brother who tends to get in my face that bit more.

Today Baby Vick was keen to tag along with his big brother to kinder. This is nothing new. Of course I couldn’t pay them enough to take him so he sadly gets dragged back to the car each drop off, never quite understanding why he doesn’t get to wear a back pack, and have a special lunch or play with all the rad, kiddy things like his brother. So today, I gave him a backpack to wear and we went on a little adventure. Albeit, it was to the supermarket but that’s pretty exciting for a one year old and he was stoked to choose two things to buy. Typically he chose a tub of blueberries and a sugary looking drink that could send even the most resisting of us troppo.

Flynn wanting to be kinder boy

He found the plastic guide dog at the front of the supermarket and blew it kisses. I noticed and melted. When asked he carefully placed a box of tissues in my basket and resisted the extreme temptation to pull every single box down on the floor. I noticed and melted. He smiled like a zillion times. I noticed and melted. He didn’t sprint onto the road, he held his little hand in mine and took direction every single time. I noticed and melted at the ease of it. Everyone else looked at him everywhere we went and melted, so I noticed and melted. Can you see a theme here?

Today we did things at Baby Vick’s pace. Has that ever happened before? I don’t recall if it has. Baby Vick is always dragged along, following his brothers agenda, following his parents agenda. It’s always busy busy. We’re always rushing him. Do we ever really stop to notice just him or do things at his level or his pace?

Whilst kinder provides some time out for me from a four year old, it’s also about Baby Vick and mummy time. I’ve realised just how precious this is with another Vicklet on it’s way to steal my attention and add to the tug of war. This time is limited. This will all be a past time all too soon. I need to stop, notice and melt at this little guy more.

It’s time for just Baby Vick and me. Him and I. I and him. This much he deserves.

Do you get to spend time with your children equally?

What do you do with your kinder/school time off?

Sesame Seed Baby

February 10, 2015 by Vicki


I found out today that you exist. That you’re indeed budding in my tummy and my body is doing her wonderful womanly thing – growing a baby! Blimey, what a sweet feeling.

At first when I noticed the two positive lines on the pregnancy test, my breath was taken away. I gasped like when you first dive into the freezing cold waters of the ocean. It was surprising but exhilarating too.

I knew from that moment that you are a real blessing. Little Vick was the game changer for us, Baby Vick was the (very much wanted) obligatory second child but you, you’re simply a gift. The icing on the cake so to speak.

Despite my concerns about resigning my sanity forever, I feel strangely calm and at ease about parenting you. It’s the calmest I’ve felt at this onset of a pregnancy.

I am five weeks pregnant and I read somewhere that you’re the size of a sesame seed, so your Dad has taken to calling your Sesame for now. It’s a bit cute.

I am instantly filled with daydreams about who exactly I’m growing inside of me. Who you will be from the onset and who you will become later on in your life. It’s a lovely thing to ponder. I have an inkling you might be a girl, but my gut hasn’t been correct the previous two times so I’m not going to allow my thoughts to run away with me.

You have been very kind to me so far. I have had not one single symptom of particular note. I keep thinking that this might just be the easiest pregnancy that a woman ever had. I suspect I am a little deluded given that you have only just been implanted into my mummy womb. It’s easy to forget the knocked up weariness and irritability that inevitably finds all the preggies. I am feeling hopeful too that you won’t burden my with the yucky sickness just like your brothers. Be kind now.

I have instantly had to pull up on my alcohol consumption. I even knocked back a glass of Moet for you today. My girlfriend raised an eyebrow at such unusual behavior. I can tell you one thing, I just don’t know if I can give up Kabana for you. I know, I know, Kabana is hardly to die for a la carte item, but there’s just something about it that is irresistible to me every single pregnancy. This is closely followed by ham. All the naughty meats are my delight. I know me, I will be sneaking some so just behave yourself Sesame and bring me no shame.

Anyway now that we’ve got that clear, let’s take this journey, you and me, little sesame baby. Let’s live a lifetime together.

Do you recall your first thoughts after discovering your pregnancy?

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February 8, 2015 by Vicki

I have my camera back up and in operation! Misplaced battery charger  is now at hand. Camera ready to point and shoot and that I did yesterday. Caught a few moments of the boys day to share with ya’all. So with out further ado:

“A portrait of my Vicklets, once a week, every week throughout 2015″


Little Vick: You earned a new cricket set this week after accumulating enough good behavior stickers. This was the ultimate prize for a cricket maniac like you. Following, you played cricket for four straight hours yesterday ignoring the overwhelming summer humidity. You stomped and cried when it was time to quit because we had to do stuff like ya know, eat and bathe. I know you will hold me to my promise of more cricket at the school oval tomorrow.


Baby Vick: Darling boy, you are full of mischief. Like how you pull a chair over, stand upon it and try and (often successfully) unpick the front door lock. Yeah, that’s been giving me heart attack after heart attack but you are so easily forgiven when you turn and do that grin thing you do. There’s just something irresistibly adorable about it. Lucky you don’t give too many of them away. It keeps me trying to win you over.

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All the Pregnet-ness  & These Golden Years

These Golden Years

February 6, 2015 by Vicki

You know how some people just stay with you? They linger in your thoughts and memories leaving an impression.

Four years ago, by chance, I met an elderly lady in passing. Seemingly it was no biggy. I mean I’ve met plenty of grey haired ladies before, but this one seemed to just know life. You know those people you can just tell that have lived? Like really lived. She wore it on her face and her heart.

I can’t remember where we were even but she was observing us from the next table. Us, being a family unit of just three. Little Vick was barely even one. We thought we had our hands full at the time as he had just hit the age where curiosity was flowing through his veins and was driving him to try and conquer everything. It was creating a bit of a headache for us. It was all a bit of an inconvenience, in a new parent-we-have-no-clue kinda way.

This elderly lady watched us all together. Little Vick being a hand full, but unmistakably adorable. Mr Vick, trying hard to keep all the balls up in the air by distracting Little Vick and ultimately keeping everyone happy. I was tired. Beyond tired. Shaky even. I had found adapting to my new mothering role and lifestyle challenging. The grey haired lady caught my eye and smiled. I don’t know why, perhaps it was the old lady thing, but I felt trusting towards her.

The only thing that she said to us was “these are the best years of your life”. It was loaded with intent.

Now the memory of her face and the circumstance is fading, but those words are not. They linger and I know I needed that message on that day and here right now on this day. I have reminded myself many times of this sentence and encouraged myself with it. I know it’s truth and yet it doesn’t ease the realities of the hardships during the living.

Right now life is good but it’s hard. Life is so complex like that. I’m not sure that it can ever be just one thing.

These days are filled with young children with boundless energy who could rival the energiser bunny any day. These are the days where they need and demand all day and often it’s more than what I’ve got to give. These are the days where Mr Vick is consumed by long hours of study and working all at once which leaves me in charge on the home front for longer periods. These are the days where he is pushing hard to redefine his identity and yet I feel so uncertain of mine. These are the days were I am still washing up dishes long after dark when all the little heads are on pillows sleeping. These are the days where I sometimes want to scream and cry out of sheer frustration at negotiating with a rude four year old. These are the days were I feel so daunted by the prospect of adding another member to the Vick clan and coping. These are the days were if I want to do anything for myself it happens at quarter to midnight. These are the days where the desire to leave the house is an overwhelming effort. These are the days where debilitating fatigue has become my normal. These are the days where I miss my friends and the leisurely times once had. These are the days where I often feel my words and requests hold little value to the small people I surround myself with day long. These are the days where I’m constantly scraping food scraps from plates or picking them up off our well soiled carpet. These are the days where I still get up most nights to either change a wet bed or sooth an unsettled little soul. These are the days where my marriage nearly always takes a back seat. These are the days where I could be crippled with self disappointment because I didn’t get through my to do list. These are the days where I never feel like I’m enough. These are the days where I am pushed and challenged as a woman, a wife and a mother.Golden years{Source}

And yet, these are the days where I am the only person they want to play cars with. These are the days where I get to be told by my four year old that one day he won’t need a wife, he’s got me. These are the days where I experience the joy of a waking child with a beaming smile quite simply because it’s so good to see one another. These are the days where life’s beauty is found in a game of peek-a-boo. These are the days where I get little people snuggles without having to nag. These are the days where I get to laugh at how silly life is from the perspective of a child. These are the days where we yahoo and high five one another over the small things like when Little Vick puts his socks on by himself.  These days are the days where the beauty of simplicity is reborn. These are the days when my heart feels full to the brim with love. These are the days when nothing else matters except one another. These are the days where I get to feel a sense of development and growth. These are the days where I’ve never felt so important. These are the days where I get to learn what the essence of living is and what all it’s facets are.

With the challenge comes the exquisite. Never one without the other.

These are the days that will make me come undone and whole all at once. These days, as complex and consuming as they are, I know I will look back and miss.  These days that will fill me up forever because of all their memories made.

These are the golden days.

And even right now, there are tiny shifts that are inching me away from these moments. One day it will be gone and I will be that old, grey haired lady watching and knowing I will never have it again.

Golden years 3{Source}

Have you ever met a stranger who has stayed with you?

Anyone else battling through the golden days?

All the Pregnet-ness

February 3, 2015 by Vicki

It’s odd. I’ve had so little to say about this third pregnancy. Sure, there was a moan or two at the starting blocks and then some cutesy stories here and there but then the big silence in between it all.

I mean, it’s not like pregnancy is ever boring but in a way, this one has been a bit uneventful – which is a good thing right??

Who would have thought pregnancy would feel so normal? Perhaps that’s a sign it’s happened one too many times?

I’m now 21 weeks knocked up. Passed the half way marker yet I can blissfully still be in denial about having to drop my vjay-jay in a few months to get this little Baby Mango darling out. I’m feeling good. Really very normal apart from the rapidly expanding growth on the front of me, which by the way is well and truly heading for whale status. I’m definitely keeping things consistent across all my pregnancies.

On the eve of being 17 weeks I felt my first suspicious rumbles that would later be confirmed as baby Mango kicks. They’ve been nice. A little tap to say hi here and there but nothing too freaky that will make me feel as though I’m living out a real life scene from the film ‘Alien’ or that will keep me awake for hours on end. My sleeping patterns aren’t flash as it is without baby aerobics getting in on the act.

Most days I’m a completely sane woman and then there are little moments when my mind just departs and Paula, my surly, sook-a-lot alter ego sets in. Mr Vick is scared of Paula and rightly so. She takes no shit and she will cry a flood if she does not get her way. She is a wicked, vile thing that can not be reasoned with. She’s been kept a bay mostly through this pregnancy but just in the last week she’s peeked her head out and misbehaved. I’ve just upped my intake of chocolate to ensure she is silenced again.

My biggest joy with this pregnancy is sharing it with my boys. Little Vick is all over it. He’s virtually a midwife with his fact dropping and confidence about what is ahead. The only concern for him is now that he will be a big brother to his new sibling, who will be Baby Vick’s brother? He informs me that his baby this week is the size of a banana. I’m glad I’m not the only preggie in the house. It’s not an easy job.

baby inside{Little Vick getting his mitts all over Mango}

I showed Baby Vick my bare tummy the other day and explained there is a little baby inside sleeping waiting to come out and meet him in a little bit. Up until this point he has showed no sign of understanding why his mummy was growing rapidly outwards. He’s been polite enough not to mention it, which I s’pose isn’t all that surprising since he isn’t yet talking. Much to my delight, on this occasion, he smiled the biggest smile you ever did see and wrapped his arms around my belly and snuggled right into baby Mango. Before long Little Vick felt excluded and jumped in to make a sandwich of despicable love and mushiness. Happiness swirled all around before we fell to the ground cuddling and laughing like something out of a well rehearsed nappy ad. It sure was nice from the usual yelling and combat that goes on around here.

Do you have an alter ego? Have you named her/him?

Any other preggies out there with me right now?

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It’s All A Bit Nitty

January 30, 2015 by Vicki

Let me tell you people, an itchy neck and head is NOT a symptom of pregnancy. No. Not everything can be blamed on the knocked up-ness.

An overwhelming itchy scalp so bad it causes one a sleepless night, two in fact, could be nothing else but a symptom of…… NITS! (You knew that right?)

And my, how they loved me this week. They took up residence in my fine ginger locks and I can see why. It was a good choice on their behalf but flip, really???

When I paid a little more attention, I realised Little Vick had been a bit scratchy too. The lot of us were.

After a Dr Google diagnosis, which can I just say, never Google images of nits unless you’re prepared to have horrendous nightmares forever, I rang my sister in a state of mortification. She is a veteran at this parenting gig. She has two teenage daughters so yep, she knows survival. She empathised in the form of smothering giggles and felt even less sorry for me when I exclaimed that I was a virgin nits victim. It was quite shocking to her that I had never had nits as a child. Apparently, EVERYONE gets nits as a child. Not so folks. It’s taken me to become a mother to suffer a case of nits.

THE KIDS are the culprits here. Why do they insist on dragging such vile, stalker like critters into my space? Right onto my head? I’ve virtually been swallowing them! I couldn’t help but go on a cleaning rampage despite all the clear explanations that contracting nits has nothing to do with hygiene or cleanliness. I know this but to the youthful chemist assistant who exercised a foul, judgmental attitude (people who get nits must be scum) and took three large steps back from my obviously filthy, infected self when I asked for a nit comb, yeah, may you be fully infected with blood thirsty nits contracted just by the thin air between us yesterday. Even better, let them be discovered by your new lover next time you try and get down and diggy. I should have told her it was only three weeks ago that we had to do a treatment for worms too, and that maybe, just maybe ‘cos she breathed the same air as me, she might get an itchy bum over night too.

Nits and worms in less than one month. That’s some seriously bad parenting karma right there. WHY???? Surely that’s my dose for 2015. I’m done with the ugly stuff.

Admittedly, all this parenting glamor of recent has certainly brought me right back to a lower parenting reality. This shit happens to good, clean, people. Kids are kids and will get these infestations of vile rankness. Even mine. What a blow.

The one bonus from all of this, I have the most glowing, smooth, stunning knock-your-frickin’-socks-off-locks you’ve ever seen thanks to the old fashioned conditioner trick (flood conditioner into hair, apply a glad wrap turban, wait and hour or two and comb out with nit comb). Really I’ve just had an intense treatment and I should thank the nits for enforcing the self care and for creating such a transformation. I’m currently awaiting my contract for a Pantene ad.




 Have you had nits? Did they come back again ?

Did you try the old conditioner trick?