Bumps, Christmas & Domestic Tard-ness

December 16, 2014 by Vicki

Life here just keeps rolling along in the house of knocked up. Rolling is perhaps under playing it a bit. It’s catapulting like a tumbleweed in a cyclone, but you know? It is Christmas. We know this is how it goes every time.

I need not tell you about the endless charade of Christmas break ups, kinder concerts, Christmas shopping, work things, food stuff,  blah blah … you’re doing it. We’re in this together and I hope you are seeking out the quiet times in between too? I see that as the key to staying balanced and enjoying the festivities. There’s my piece of Dalai lama wisdom for you today and yet in contradiction, I just pray that in this household we don’t all end up too cranky for Christmas. I don’t want to be the fun scrooge this year. I mean, that’s my knocked up role virtually on a full time basis right now so I’d like to have a little holiday for the holidays please!

The tree is up. I gave in about a week ago and surprisingly Baby Vick has pleased me with his will power not to lug it right on over and drag it about the lounge room. I was having nightmares about the possibilities that this 18 month old could concoct. Sure there’s been some temptation to pull a bauble or two off and launch them across the lounge like a star cricket player but the novelty has soon thinned out and he has found new tricks to alternatively taunt me with. Little Vick guards the tree with great diligence just in case and in general exercises much better parenting expertise than myself. Bravo to him. I take kips instead.

I’ve been finding all is well with my world if I get my snooze o’clock time every afternoon. Hells bells if I don’t and you know what? Hells bells if I do because I often wake up feeling worse than I ever did before hand! Such a cruel conundrum every day. Do I soldier on and be one type of narky biatch or sleep and possibly feel better or possibly wake up like another type of narky biatch which is ten times worse. I find myself in a mombie daze most afternoons unable to do chores and wonderful parenting activities. I just suck a little bit right now. I count down till when Mr Vick arrives home and when he steps in the door I launch myself at him, tears streaming down my face because I am so relieved to have him home to be my team and to fight this parenting and domestic battle together.

In my mombie state thinking just isn’t on the agenda. take exhibit a:

plum puddings

I try. I really do. I always dream of showing up to our Christmas parties exhibiting beautiful domestic and culinary expertise displayed through my contribution, only for things to turn out like this. First of all, I had planned on making some scrummy lemon bally things that make you want to scoff until you fall into a food coma – BUT, I forgot to buy the vital ingredient – lemons. At this point I had precisely 90 minutes until the party. Mr Vick was out and I had a child asleep. I was not getting any lemons fast. So, I forgot about them and moved onto my plum puddings. I’m happily basking in my domestic display when I discover there is no where near enough green lollies to chop up to make the holly! Why is it that every time you buy a packet of lollies there’s oodles of yucky green ones and then when you actually need them there is BARELY ANY?? Again, baby asleep and husband unavailable to do a lolly run. Boo. I took them, incomplete. Shaking my head at my own domestic tard-ness.  I swear I used to be better at this life gig but hey, it all just goes in the have-a-laugh-at-Vicki-she’s-such-a-nincompoop pile. People are used of my fairly low standards by now anyway.

If you follow the blog on Facebook you would have seen the first preggie bump picture reveal over the weekend. I look 13 weeks going on 23 I’d say. I swear my belly uses pregnancy as an excuse to just let it hang all out. People are already doing the “oh you’re very large” kinda commentary. Such music to any woman’s ears.

preggie bump no three 13 weeksIn the meantime, I’ll just keep bumpin’ and being proud.

Are you doing the Christmas cooking thing?

How are you finding some down time in this crazed Christmas season?

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Morning Sickness & Pancakes

December 9, 2014 by Vicki
*This is a sponsored post for Nestle Baby. All opinions and rambles are my own.

Upon finding out I was knocked up, third time over, I could be heard skiting to Mr Vick about how totally fine and normal I felt. That I am unbelievably talented at this preggie thing and how my body works gloriously in harmony with me and hadn’t dished up a single day of irksome morning sickness.

So very smug was I not? What a tool.

See, prior experience has brought great kindness to me. I can confidently say I had never suffered morning sickness the first two times. A few odd pangs maybe which generally could be fixed up with a fried dim sim, but in comparison to the woes of a lot of fellow preggies I consider it diddly squat in the morning sickness scheme of things.

So I was happy living in my smug, over confident, knocked up existence and then week six arrived.

Bang. Not happy.

What a dreadful oddness I felt. The fatigue accompanying it was nothing short of catastrophic and just so you know, my Vicklets had ZERO empathy. WHY CAN’T THEY FEED THEMSELVES YET??? Their nagging whilst I lay, damsel in distress style on the couch, made me want to check myself into an asylum. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to be a mother any less. Hardly the fertility goddess that some might think.

I was hungry. Oh boy was I hungry but it was a crazy hunger. If I didn’t eat I would fall into a nagging nauseousness that even when I did eat, it still did not quite disappear and I felt odd in all kinds of indescribable ways. This went on ALL day. Talk about a fly in the ointment. I was supposed to be good at this right??? All happy days?


Little Vick snapped me in my damsel in distress state. This is what preggie sick + influenza looks like.

I was on the hunt to find how to ease morning sickness . I found sleep helped, when I could get it. Tired days = increased morning sickness so self care was a must. Gorging myself with huge meals didn’t go down too well either. Snacks all day, all the way. I did find this to make me very happy however: pancakes. Cooked for super at 10pm by Mr Vick, of course. Hardly a cure, but it sure filled my grumpy soul and secretly I loved seeing him as my culinary slave.

Would you believe I finally was allowed full nights of sleep exactly 2 weeks prior to finding myself in the knocked up state? Nirvana or what? I had waited a long 16 months for it only to be cursed with sleep breaking preggie dreams! GAHHHH! I wanted to cry. Now that I could sleep, pregnancy was banning it! I had forgotten how tough sleep in pregnancy can be. I was not happy Jan.

The feeling off and mind killing fatigue teamed together broke my spirit a little. It allowed doubt to creep in. I was reminded too easily of the stale feeling of being a newborns mother. The exhausted zombie state, the inability to achieve very much, the lack of patience towards small children. It all came back. WHY was I doing this ALL OVER AGAIN?? I felt down. Wasn’t I supposed to be ecstatic.  I lived in this overwhelming space of self doubt for about two weeks whilst morning sickness played havoc my body.

A bought of gastro and a cold in the middle of it all did not do much for morale. My life might as well have been over and I HAD NOT EVEN VOMITED like so many of you poor souls out there reading this would have.  Admittedly, there was the time when I had to go and pick up decaying rubbish because the bins were over flowing and some bastard Crow decided to peck his way in to see if there was anything decent for lunch. Yes, cleaning that up irked my tummy and I admit I had a little spew but in all fairness I think I may just have done that regardless of my delicate state. No one likes picking up putrid rubbish, so I’m not paying it.

So, now I am 13 weeks. The fatigue hasn’t really left but the oddness has, along with the self doubt. My damsel in distress arm has retired until a later date and I’m looking back and recalling what a melodramatic fool I was but believe me, it was real, so veerrry real at the time.

I am now pleased to be entering the stage known as the preggies best friend, the second trimester. Happier days a comin’.

Where/are you a morning sickness suffer?

What’s your tip for fighting morning sickness?

Hello Third Baby!

December 4, 2014 by Vicki

So I shared my little secret yesterday. If you missed it, you can click here. It’s pretty big news for this little family of Vick.

So… did you wonder if I was going to just leave you hanging and not tell you all about it??? As if. I am crapola at shutting up. Do you know how difficult it was for me to not blurt out the EVERYTHING before now??

We obviously decided to have that 3rd baby so debated about. Practically another baby was a ridiculous idea but in our hearts there was room for another little Vicklet and we knew despite all the obviously challenges and reasons to say no, we needed to just jump. The heart won over the head and how I love it when the heart prevails. Of course, when the baby of Vick eventuated exactly was taken out of our hands, in typical us fashion. We are good at that oops baby business.

Strangely how I found out is somewhat from an unglamorous motive. Little Vick had a nasty case of worms. Disgusting little feckers. The entire household had to have a dose of worming tablets but the packet said they were a no no for preggies. Something told me to not have any. My period was missing in action that day and I thought I’d hang off until the morning before I had my dose of anti-worm. Surely my Aunt Flo would land over night and I could dose up. Ah… nope. Period was still MIA. It’s not unusual for it to be naughty so I wasn’t too worried but all the same, I had a pregnancy test left over from the last time I found myself in this little situation two years ago so I got it out and wee’d on it.  I was half expecting nothing to show up. I mean, really? Could I reeeealllly be knocked up all over again? Oh yes. YES I COULD. Two lines appeared without hesitation. I gasped. It was part shock and part exhilaration. A bit like when you decide to skinny dip in the middle of winter at the beach and the moment when you hit the ice water. Yeah, like that. Kinda.


So, no worming tablets for me.

For a moment I was wondering how the news would be taken by Mr Vick who only had spoken about visiting the vet for the snip earlier in the week. You may recall I was a bit upset about it? (you can read that post here) Clearly we now know it was HORMONES! Anyway, big sweeping statements like this has been known to be made during a shocker of a parenting week, so I wasn’t too worried. He was of course thrilled and together we were elated and content. It was like living in a bubble of baby romance. It felt so perfect.

The shine wore off a little bit when the morning sickness landed but that’s another post. I could talk all day about woe is me. Currently I’m feeling fine apart from some wicked fatigue.

We met Baby Vick 3 at a dating scan when I was eight weeks. Apparently this is a baby:

Baby Vicki 3

I think it looks more like some cockroach type parasite. I say that with lovingly sentiment of course.

This baby will be due three days before Baby Vick turns two. It will be a matter of who wants to have a birthday first I’m thinking. Either way, I can see life is going to get complicated come June. It’s scary. I’M SCARED, I’m not going to lie. I have no idea if I have the capabilities for this but I know I just have to hang on for the ride.

Any other preggies in the house?

Any other mothers of three who can offer me some encouragement?

Wordless Wednesday: WHO THE VICK? {An Announcement}

December 2, 2014 by Vicki

1-1-DSC_0840Find out who fills the shoes in June 2015!

The Knocked Up & Abroad Christmas Gift Guide 2014!

December 2, 2014 by Vicki
*This is not a sponsored post. I’m just giving a sing out to some awesome-ness because, Christmas!

Dare I say it? There is almost only 3 weeks to the big C word.  CHRISTMAS.

It actually doesn’t scare me. I love me a bit of Christmas. I’m a full blown kiddo when it comes to the festive season and I love the carols in the shops and all that stereotypical, daggy Christmas jargon. It fills my heart with glee.

I usually love moseying about deliberating on my gift choices amongst the sea of keen shoppers. The crowds don’t perturb me. Until. I. Had. Kids.

I’d rather swim through a sea of hungry eels than take the kids for an afternoon of shopping. Do I hear an amen or what?

Like so many of you, I’ve refined the skill of internet shopping since the Vicklets arrived in my life. There’s a reason why the mailman knows me on a first name basis.

So…. I’ve done some of the online browsing for presents for you. I’m just so kind like that.


1. The brikbag - $44.95-$54.95 – This is the ultimate Lego play mat for the lazy like me. One maneuver and these foot stinging rats are cleaned up, out of sight. Who doesn’t like that?? I think this is a necessity in every Lego loving home. They should be obligatory with every box of Lego purchased even.

2. Natural Coconut Sunscreen from EcoTan – $29.95. I recently discovered this gem and think it could be a great stocking filler. I get a bit suss about what is actually in the EVERYTHING that we expose ourselves and our kids to on a daily basis so I was happy to find a safer alternative for sunscreen. This is a zinc based sunscreen that boasts no nasties. It’s 30 SPF and 3 hours water resistant. I’m way happier putting this on my Vicklets and although it’s $29.95 you need only use a mere drop to get full coverage.

3. Wooden Fishing Game Set – Etsy – $30.22 – My four year old loves a game of fishing and plays out the entire camping scenario just for fun. There’s nothing like hand made quality in your toy collection and Etsy has plenty of it. Head there for ideas galore.

4. Kinetic Sand – Australian Geographic – $39.95 – This stuff is awesome! Don’t worry about the kids, I love it! It’s all the rage right now. It’s like slime but in sand form and there’s no mess! It’s stupendously good for molding shapes and keeping little people quiet. If you want to be with the trend, this is the present to buy for the kidlets.

5. Medium Quilted Soy Candle – Fickle Soy Candle Co – $25 – I love me a quality candle. Can you go wrong giving a nice candle? The Fickle Soy Candle Co make 100% soy wax candles which are made to order and the best thing? You can choose your fragrance and what a selection! From Raspberry Noir to Maple Pumpkin Bread. Delish!

6. Kiddy cloud leggings – Joeyjellybean- $24.95  I am a big supporter of the local Mummy business and this is one that is rocking it. I have watched these hand printed gems hit the big time after oodles of hard work and dedication from one creative mumma. The Joeyjellybean range regularly is updated with fresh designs and they’re unique and hand made from 100% organic cotton and water based inks. Win, win!

7. St Kilda Mums tea towel – $15 – This supports a fabulous cause. St Kilda Mums is a volunteer based organisation that distributes used baby goods to dire families in need, often single mums. They do so many kinds of wonderful in our community and really deserve a pat on the back. They’ve recently opened Geelong Mums & Eureka Mums too in Ballarat. They have a range of online products to help their fundraiser efforts including this tea towel which is 100% cotton and designed by a local mum. I’m ordering a few of these to have for “just in case” presents.

8. Chocolate Fair Hamper – Oxfam Shop – $35 – Um, because YUM! And it’s all fair trade and we love what Oxfam is all about.

9. Train Tape – Down That Little Lane – $24.95 – I have been in love with this concept for a long time. Just roll the tape out and you’ve got a ready made train track! Perfect for being on the go. I cannot think of a little boy or girl that wouldn’t love that. Down That Little Lane has a huge range of awesome products for all the family too.

Are you an online shopper?

Where do you like to shop online?

Wordless Wednesday: The Boy That Turned Cassowary

November 26, 2014 by Vicki

Times have been quiet on this space. Standstill even. Life is stealing my time. Sheesh.

I’ve been busy painting hair blue and stuff, being a wicked mumsy type. Basically. Here’s my proof.

DSC_0672 (2)

From my time away I have learned very important life things, like how hair spray and a straightener will turn your kid into a punk rocker. A very happy one at that.

DSC_0674 (2)This was all in aid of Little Vick’s Crazy Hair and Sock Day at kinder. Never was there a day more anticipated.

DSC_0668And do you know what the kid thought he looked like? A Cassowary! A CASSOWARY!!!!!! (If you haven’t read about the obsession with Cassowaries you can catch up here). He’s been practicing the kick up and down the lounge singing “cassowary kick, cassowary kick” over and over until it’s in EVERYONE’S brain and they’re humming along too. The old show girl in me is a bit proud of how high he is getting his kick which resembles somewhat of a Moulin Rouge performance. Occasionally he’ll make gobbling noises about the house too. I shit you not. Madness, complete MADNESS.

Speaking of madness, I’m considering a career in hairdressing (you know sarcasm when you see it right?) I figure this is the first of many kiddy styling sessions I’m going to have to lead  especially when Little Vick hits the school years and the themed days start rolling out.

What’s your kidlets favorite dress up?

Do they believe they’re an animal, another person, or thing?? (Tell me so)

Five Simple Toddler & Pre-School Activities To Zap Boredom!

November 21, 2014 by Vicki

5 Toddler activities to zap boredom

There are days when Little Vick asks me for an activity and I think it’s great he wants to exercise his creativity but I have not one single brain wave about what I can suggest. So much for all my Pinteresting.

Eventually I’ve come up with a few newby ideas of late which Little Vick raves about. I thought I’d share them with you so when you have a clueless blank you can turn on your smug mummy and whip out an instant activity. Believe me, there is nothing genius or even original about these but I thought I’d share from one mother to another, what’s been inducing some delicious quietness.

1. Catalogue shopping

Untitled design(24)

One day Little Vick was looking over my shoulder whilst I sifted through the pile of catalogues we’d received in our letter box. I love catalogues. I could ponder over them and procrastinate forever. Seems the feeling is mutual in our household because Little Vick asked if he could circle some products he’d like to buy and so he did. He went shopping right on our kitchen table. He circled products he liked, cut them out, drew a basket in his scrap book and glued them onto his basket. I was impressed with this little activity that Little Vick created all on his own. I also plan to use them for some educational purposes too. Right now we’re learning the alphabet and I plan to ask Little Vick to find things that start with particular letters and get him to cut them out and stick them next to the letter. I suspect there could be many variations invention using ye olde catalogue.

2. Make a garden


Terrariums are all the rage right now and anyone can make one, kiddo’s included. If you want to check out an official explanation click here but there is no right or wrong. I found this glass at an op shop for $4, bought some succulents, stones (for the bottom of the glass), potting mix and the figurines and gave Little Vick instructions on how to create it. Thanks to Dirt Girl he was super keen and nailed it. The figurines made it that bit extra fun for him and he is super proud of the final product. It is his job to water it (not too often) and I get a pretty cute terrarium to decorate our front porch too. Win, win!

3. Paint the house

Untitled design(23)

I bought a set of 5 brushes for $2.95 from a cheapo store, filled a contained up with water and gave the Vicklets the job of painting the house. It was taken very seriously of course. It’s a simple activity but well loved especially on a warm day!

4. Design a necklace

Untitled design(25)

Straws, a needle and a piece of wool were the only materials required for this activity. I cut the straws shorter for threading and gave Little Vick a piece of wool and off he went threading and creating his necklace (which I have had to wear ever since of course). It’s great for dexterity and getting kids to work patiently and intricately.

5. Decorating Christmas trees

Add text (2)

It’s that time of year why not get in the spirit? Simply create the outline of a Christmas tree, or have your child draw or paint one before giving them a variety of materials to stick on as the trees decorations. We’ve used dot stickers, cut up cellophane and pom poms but you could use cut up xmas paper, scrap material, sequins and glitter. Little Vick loves this one so we’ve made oodles of Christmas trees which he wants to give as gifts to his favorites. He’s a thinker!

 Let the crafternoons begin!

What keeps your kiddo’s happy?

Wordless Wednesday: The Five Day Photo Challenge

November 19, 2014 by Vicki

Bree from Twinkle in the Eye nominated me to partake in the black and white five day photo challenge.

I suck at photo challenges. I always have great intentions but my creative dedication usually lasts for an entire 1.5 days before life takes hold and all is forgotten. But five days, maybe that could be achievable.

I can report that I lasted an entire four days before life stole me. Let’s be fair, four days is a huge improvement from my past record. I have since taken a fifth photo so I did complete the challenge, in my own kinda way.

I have to say I did love having my camera out daily. I have been missing out on so many snap worthy opportunities of the little people. They are just so photogenic and funny and wonderful. So I thank you Bree for poking me into action and getting me to dust off my DSLR. It was well worth it.

Without further ado… the four five photos:


Why don’t you give the five day black and white challenge a burl?

The Baby That Was No More

November 14, 2014 by Vicki

Oh crazy world, the things you do to me. You took my baby and turned him into this:


My grumpy little baby who disliked cuddles and had a strong fondness for frowning has grown into a kissing, giggle pot who loves nothing more than to climb the EVERYTHING.

This Baby Vick I fear has outgrown his name. Baby Vick, is now 17 months old. Not much baby left I’m thinking.

This photo really captures his true essence. I’ve been trying to nab that in a photo for the past 17 months and then bingo I got it. It doesn’t take much to read that this Vicklet exudes cheekiness. Everything is for shits and giggles. He is the BIGGEST prankster out there, in the one year old world anyway, and I can see him gracing our future screens staring in Jackass already. A mothers dream hey?

The cheek is naturally accompanied by an innate sense of curiosity. Read this as it is people. He is fearless. FEARLESS! Talk about install nothing but fear in his poor mother. He has no reservations. Climbing generally gets him closer to what he wants and he certainly doesn’t have his mumma’s nerviness of heights. For this reason I am a 24/7 watchdog. My eyes are constantly fixed on this adventurous spunkaroo. I wish he’d stop trying to be three.

He can be brutal as well. His inability to verbalise his preferences means he has a fondness for expressing his frustration in the form of biting, pinching and pulling hair. His older brother usually is his unsuspecting victim. When I’m not grabbing Baby Vick from the top of the kitchen bench holding a knife, I’m policing conflict generally stemmed from sharing issues or someones chomping tendencies.

This is the kid who will turn me grey. Probably about next month I’d say.

Do you have climbers? How do you get anything done????

Life Of Late, Photo Style

November 11, 2014 by Vicki

Life can be busy but the amazing never stops existing around you. Perhaps there’s less time to notice it but I’ve been trying to remind myself to capture it all the same. It doesn’t really take that much to press a button and seize a moment in photographic existence forever and I never want to forget these little feet, even if it does drive me berzerko bananas having to chase up shoes scattered all over the house, ALL DAY LONG. Forget leaving the house wearing a pair. 1-DSC_0288Baby Vick has a few obsessions currently. Shoes and blueberries. He’s my kinda kid.

1-DSC_02901-DSC_0293We’ve spent time out. OUT! Oh boy it’s good to break the domestic monotony. There’s so much to see out there hey?


Cows even! The Vicklets were completely mesmerised by these grass eating, poo spraying milkers at Mum and Dads.

1-DSC_0306Now this is my kinda sight! This is our special little spot. I’ve written about it before here.

1-DSC_03941-DSC_0350It always amazes me that boys can be so completely happy with going hunting for sticks. STICKS! 1-DSC_0361

What would the images of you past couple of weeks look like?

What adventures have you been on?