Wordless Wednesday: Cruisin’

Our motivation to vacay in Port Douglas last week was to celebrate my cousins nuptials. With that came a nice little girls only celebration involving some prawns, a boat, a sunset and a hefty amount of champagne. It was fair to say I forgot I was a mother for a couple of hours. Oh how I loved it.


Not a bad way to enjoy all that is Port Douglas I’d say.

Have you ever celebrated in nautical style?

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15 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Cruisin’

  1. That looks AMAZING!! Not a bad way to enjoy Port Douglas at all!! x

  2. Not a bad way at all, I bet you wish you were back there! Holidays are always over way too fast. x

    • Vicki says:

      It’s 7 degrees here Em. 20 degree’s difference in temperature. It’s some kind of torturous joke I’m guessing. Over in a blink. Boo!

  3. Prawns, sunset, yacht, champagne… sounds truly wonderful :)

  4. No I haven’t – and I also haven’t been to Port Douglas – so that’s two new items to add to my Bucket List!

  5. Tamara says:

    What fabulously clear photos.

  6. Trish says:

    I loved Port Douglas – haven’t been there in over 20 yrs . Gorgeous photos Vicki.

  7. Those photos make me want to go on holiday! You had great weather! :)

  8. Annaleis says:

    Now that just looks like a great way to spend some time with the girls. Love the pic of the two ladies. Hope you enjoyed your time ‘off’.

  9. […] missed it because I was gallivanting on a yacht with a champagne glass in hand but he came home with some tall tale about the bite on his arm that I was fairly certain was from a […]

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