The Knocked Up Flemish Bridesmaid Extravaganza!

Many people have questioned what would be a good enough cause to see a woman, knocked up, leave their partner and trek about Europe with an over sized backpack attached and looking somewhat like the pregnant version of a hunchback. It wasn’t just a selfish adventure, I planned the entire dream trip chapter around my dear friend Evelien’s wedding. I was none other than the knocked up bridesmaid, in flats. Yes, I had waited my entire existence to be a bridesmaid and here I was wearing the only maternity dress that could be found that wasn’t stretchy material and flats purchased from none other than Primark (Australia’s version of Best & Less but more trendy). belgium bridesmaid

{27 weeks knocked up at the Flemish wedding}

See I was like a international, whale sized celebrity at this event. Not only was I obviously knocked up, but I was knocked up and traveling without my husband (gasp) but I’d also traveled from that far off country near the end of the world map which is a journey that only the brave would consider tackling not mention a woman 23 weeks knocked up on her own, and I was the wedding singer. Needless to say I never had no one to talk to. Everyone wanted to quiz me about one of the above things and took the opportunity to practice their sketchy English on me, which of course I actually loved (anyone with an European accent trying to be dinky di is endearing).

There are many elements to a Flemish wedding. There’s the drinks and little pre party with the family before loading everyone onto a full sized bus which is driven to the council offices where there are dozens of awaiting fans (randoms from the community not invitees), the sentimentals and legalities before children throw flowers and share a moment with the bride and groom before heading home again for drinks and snoozes but before you get too comfy you’re back on the bus again for photos followed by the all nighter reception. Marathon indeed.

I was flicking through photos recently and was reminded of the Flemish reception extravaganza. For the most part the reception is not all that different to an Aussie one. You sip drinks, you mingle, there are speeches, you eat. Oh yes, you eat.

You could not impressive a pregnant woman more if you tried:Belgium wedding desert

I mean, feast your eyes on it. Preggie and foodie heaven, all in one. That table went on forever. Pregnancy eating guidelines be damned.

The people sitting beside me thought I was doing a comedic act with my gasping and full commentary as they set up the desert bar and as you can see I was the first to get my mitts on those calorie infested delights.

But then the jaw dropping continued. The cake, shaped like a boat with wafer masks and all, had a ceremonial arrival with full pyrotechnics. Hey, a good cake never arrives without the threat of burning down the event right?belgium wedding cake

And the cutting of that could only be handled with one mofo of a dagger? Correctamundo. Wedding dagger

By this stage I am clearly looking like I had lost the remainder of my minuscule preggo mind. I think we can safely blame sugar right here.

In amongst it all the bride and groom were blind folded and entrapped together in a barrage of beer crates in which they had to escape. Don’t ask me what it was all about, perhaps it was their first marital test? Or some kind of ode to beer (their real love)? I had to wonder if they were going to have to drink their way out.  belgium wedding beer crates entrapment

This entire charade of events made this country girl wide eyed. Then again, maybe I just don’t go to enough weddings?

Flemish weddings are the ultimate get down and boogie all night long kinda experiences. I mean really, they make our home by midnight types of weddings look soft and certainly it seems we’re not getting value for money. In Belgium, it’s not even worth getting out of your moccasins if the party isn’t going to bounce all night long. Perhaps I should have considered this before I tucked away a full months worth of sweets? belgium wedding dancerThe dancing was fun for about the first 3 hours before I started fading. I just didn’t have the alcoholic fuel that my fellow boogiers had.

Preggie fatigue seriously set in about 5 minutes after I knocked back a lift home at 3.30 am. Yeah. WHAT WAS I THINKING?? Seems Flemish parties only conclude with the threat of dawn breaking. I felt like it was a bit like in my teen years when attending an underage disco and they turned on the lights at the end of the night to get everyone to go home. It was a little too telling. No one wanted to be seen in the truth of the light. So like that we boarded the bus home at about 5.30 am accompanied with a dusty pink sky which I’ve written about before here. belgium sunrise

So, I pulled an all nighter. I suspect my first ever. Pregnant. It’s hardly something recommended in the preggo books I’m pretty sure but by the conclusion of the Flemish wedding marathon extravaganza I had a load of stories and was totally stoked to be wearing my Primarny flats.

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15 Responses to The Knocked Up Flemish Bridesmaid Extravaganza!

  1. That looks like so much fun.

  2. Wow, you must have been exhausted! Sadly at my wedding we were strongly urged to make our exit by 11pm so the older guests could say goodbye and head home before they turned into pumpkins. We were packed off to our honeymoon suite by 11.15pm and if I recall correctly, sat up watching world soccer and eating Pizza. Very classy. I think the Flemish Allnighter sounds like more fun!

    • Vicki says:

      Yeah, it’s a real party! 11 is quite early isn’t it?? Venues here seem to dictate to us a bit more than over there. Either way, it’s always magical!

  3. Sheridan says:

    This looks like so much fun! Go you, pulling an all nighter all pregnant. We were out by 11pm at our wedding!
    Visiting from #IBOT

  4. You were just glowing, but seriously knocking back a ride at 3.30 – were you nuts? I can hardly pull an all nighter now I’m NOT pregnant. All that food looks divine, right now I’m in a “I can’t stop eating everything in sight” mode and want to consume that entire table! x

    • Vicki says:

      I’d beat you to it sister! 😉 I have no will power. I blame breast feeding currently, but you and I know it’s got nothing to do with the feeding 😉

      Totally cray-cray for knock back the ride!

  5. I had the dress you wore to the wedding for my first pregnancy. I loved the style and cut and it was lovely to have on. Looks like you had a great time and yum that dessert table has made me hungry!!

  6. Zanni Louise says:

    Awesome Vicki. Looks like so much fun! I have never been a bridesmaid – always a bride, never a bridesmaid 😉 x

  7. Chantel says:

    I love going to weddings from different cultures – always such fun! And well done for pulling an all nighter pregnant – would have been good training :)

  8. What an awesome wedding! Love that cake, and also love the fact that the bride and groom got stuck in amongst the beer crates. Why doesn’t that happen in Australia? Or do we drink the beer too quickly before hand?

  9. Alicia says:

    How did you manage to last until 5:30 in the morning?! lol.
    My niece had a dagger(scottish?) I think that was her grandads to cut her wedding cake. Must be a thing.
    That dessert table looks awe(drool)some.

  10. […] the to die for desert bar and the all night get down and boogy Flemish wedding reception last week here, but what I didn’t get around to telling you about is another little wedding tradition which […]

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