The Food Coma in Timboon!

Nostalgia, that was the theme of my Sunday just gone. Lucky I like being nostalgic.

Ya see, my Mumma turns 70 shortly and the extended fam bam gathered to eat a whole lotta food in honor of the food loving 70 year old herself. Eating is quite a hobby for my family. We all have the pot bellies to prove it.

Somewhere my mum had been wanting to get her eat on at is the Timboon Railway Shed Distillery.  A quaint restaurant nestled in the tree filled, rural township of Timboon, approximately 3 hours from Melbourne to the south west.


I know Timboon well. I spent my childhood years there. It was the very place where I was educated and grew into an adult. I did lots of dreaming in Timboon. I sure got up to lots of no good there. I had a lot of firsts in Timboon. I developed life long friendships and at the risk of sounding elderly I had some of the best years of of my life, to date, in Timboon.


Timboon still feels homely. It’s a fair indication that a place is apart of you when you swerve your car in anticipation for the craters pot holes in the road that were there a decade ago (….and still are). I went into reminiscing overload being in this little town on Sunday.

Timboon is a place generally occupied by people who know the land and work the dairy farm industry. It’s a casual kinda place. The Timboon Railway Shed Distillery however bought a whirl of excitement to this town who had nothing more than a tiny takeaway store that boasted a good bucket of chips with chicken salt. The buzz of the distillery has been felt far and wide drawing visitors headed to the close by 12 Apostles and those just out for a leisurely Sunday drive. What’s exciting about it is that it showcases a wide range of local produce. From pork, to cheese, to the infamous Timboon Fine Ice Cream – it’s virtually produced on the farms surrounding the township and I kinda like supporting that.


Of course we weren’t there just to look at it all. Eating was on the agenda so eating we did. We were in food coma territory no doubt. Allow me to share some food porn:


Looks alright yeah? THAT’S what the buzz is all about at the Timboon Railway Shed Distillery. Then there was this, compulsory ice cream:


No joking about the compulsory thing. It comes with many meals on the menu and certainly no members from my family were knocking it back. The kids were happy dancing all day about it. I have one piece of advice for you – salted caramel, all the way.

Of course it isn’t all about the ice cream. There’s a bit of plonk on site too. That’s the way I remember it. As an underage teenager I guzzled sneaky, cheapo shots of plonk in the old deserted railway shed before it became the classy joint it is today and here I am 13 years on all grown up, with two kidlets dragging of me and sipping some way classy drops, legally and all. Quite the juxtaposition I’d say.

The whiskey is brewed right in front of you. It’s all there for your tasting delights. I personally loved their strawberry schnapps.


My Mum, not even on the whiskey, smiled all day long. I don’t remember seeing her smile so much. I suppose I’d be in the same delighted state too if my husband and daughter (that would be moi) had organised a sneaky interstate trip to the tropics as a gift!


So I departed Timboon with a full belly, delicious liquor on my tongue and full of happy images running through my head. On the long drive home I was full of “when I was younger” stories which Mr Vick dutifully listened to and nodded his head. I felt high on that slice of nostalgia.

I think I’ll always remember that smile on my Mums dial and another day of memories which were created for the bank in Timboon.

Do you ever visit your home town? Do you like a good session of reminiscing?

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11 Responses to The Food Coma in Timboon!

  1. Mandy says:

    Beautful pics, Vicki. My ‘hometown’ is actually Singapore and I visit once in a year. It’s always nice to see family and longtime friends and yes, the reminiscing! I love showing my kids the places I grew up in or used to frequent when I was younger. It’s just special x

  2. WOW, your pictures are amazing and that food has made this breastfeeding mumma hungry!! Happy Birthday to your mum. What a lovely milestone to reach 70. x

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks Bec. I’m trying to get my photography grove of late so I’ve been taking that little bit more care to try and get the shot I want. I bet you’re are STARVING!!! When I’m exhausted, with a new baby, I want to eat anything and everything that will give me energy! x

  3. Oh my goodness that PLATTER! I want one NOW – washed down with a great big dirty glass of red wine. Happy birthday to your mumma, 70 years young :) x

  4. What an amazing day out! Timboon looks amazing, as does your mum. Stunning lady. I still live in my home town, but we went back to my husband’s home town in NZ recently and that was pretty spesh. x

    • Vicki says:

      How lovely to have grown up and lived in the one town your entire life! You must have such a huge sense of belonging and you must know everyone and everything!
      I recall your visits back to NZ. Stunning country that is. How special you got to visit that special place of your mans xx

  5. A lovely way to celebrate a milestone birthday, looks like your mum had a great day! I’d love to visit the distillery one day!

  6. May says:

    Your mum is gorgeous!

    And from the outside, you wouldn’t know how lovely Timboon would be!

  7. Sounds like an awesome day! Happy Birthday to your Mum too!

    My Mum still lives in the house I grew up in so we visit there at least once a week. It’s still interesting seeing how things have changed over time though.

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