Port D Dishes Up The Natural Stunners

The best thing about Port Douglas is all the nature. Oh boy-o is there so much nature!

I mean, there’s stacks of la-di-da resorts about the place and to-die-for eateries but to be sure you go for the nature (and climate but I won’t let my wintery bitterness bang on about that today).

It’s the type of place you can perch yourself somewhere and just watch nature at it’s best. Kinda like here:


OR if you’re like me, you will be totally wrapped that Port D is the launching pad for TWO World Heritage Areas. Yeah, it’s pretty greedy like that but it’s the jackpot for those who like world class, natural stunners.

When you think of iconic Aussie landmarks The Great Barrier Reef and The Daintree Rainforest are the big stars, that’s why I felt totally honored to be able to experience them during our recent vacay.

Traveling to the Daintree was my favorite day of all on our break. There was just something about the dense forest and rich, green foliage that captured my attention and lodged itself into my heart. It was a natural pick me up.


{The Walu Wugirrigia look out}

We drove to Cape Tribulation which marks the most northern spot that we’ve traveled to in Queensland. It’s a spectacular spot where the forest meets the sandy shores of the ocean. The best thing about the Cape is that it isn’t over populated with rainforest stomping tourists. When we landed on the beach it was actually deserted.


Untitled design(12)

It is a piece of paradise, lets be honest.

1-DSC_0127 It was an open, free space for us all to explore and there was no better play ground for two keen Vicklets. Mr Vick swam, despite the Crocodile signs (not their hungry season), I paddled and toyed with the idea of actually jumping in but remained happy with just wet calves. The kids were extremely busy doing ya know, kiddy business.

Untitled design(13)

Once I would have taken the opportunity to lay on a beach towel and read but instead I found myself spending time with my boys. I playfully drew in the sand using my finger as my pen. Little Vick joined in and we ended up having a number writing lesson. We giggled and enjoyed the warm sun on our backs.

We ate a simple picnic lunch which I’d made at our villa. I was glad for it as there was no takeaway stores bordering the sand. The simplicity of the Cape is undoubtedly it’s beauty.

That’s the way it rolls up north really. The reefs beauty is just simply natures ahhh-mazing creation. I could constantly be found with my mouth hanging wide open as a real life episode of the Octonauts unfolded in front of my eyes. A glass bottom boat was the perfect way to educate the Vicklets about what fascinating creatures and beautiful coral existed below the water.

Untitled design(14)

We saw several turtles. They BLEW ME AWAY! A highlight, no doubt.

We traveled out to Low Island which is apart of the Low Isles area, on one of the many day long boat trips available from Port D. They’re pricey but what would a trip be to Port D be without capturing a glimpse of the world famous reef?

You can go to the Low Isles or head further east to the outer reef which I hear the coral there is even more stunning but we didn’t fancy having an entire day on a boat (no island to land on) with two little people wanting to launch themselves in the drink all day long. Low Island was just perfect for littlies. They happily played in the sand whilst Mr Vick and I took turns snorkeling up all the greatness of the reef. I’m not a confident snorkeler but amazingly you only had to walk 5 meters into the water before you were on the reef!

1-DSC_0557If you weren’t snorkeling you could enjoy some exploring on the island where a lighthouse is still in operation but really there was white sand, clear blue waters and sunshine showering down, who wouldn’t be happy with just being?

Port D really did please me with it’s ‘stuff to do’ list. In fact, I wouldn’t mind experiencing the Port D magic all over again some day. It’s been two weeks already since we were there and I’m in mourning for my summery dresses and mood already. So, the longing begins….


 Where do you or would you like to take a summery vacay in winter?

Have you visited the daintree or reef?

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15 Responses to Port D Dishes Up The Natural Stunners

  1. Maxabella says:

    We visited about seven tears who and I would move there in a heartbeat. Port D is my kinda place!! Happy holidays! x

  2. Maxabella says:

    * years ago!!

    Bumpy train + iPad = chaos!!


  3. Min@Minsmash says:

    Oh what a beautiful part of the world! YES – I’ve been to all the places you mentioned except for Low Island – haven’t been there. I love it up there! :-)

  4. Chantel says:

    Such magic and so close. We always look overseas for holidays, but wow, need to start looking in our back yard!

    Hello from #teamIBO

  5. Oh I love Port Douglas!! My hubby and I got married there and it’s definitely my favourite place in Australia. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos… must, must, must go back soon!!!!

  6. I’ve never been to Port D but my sister was there in June and she loved it. It’s definitely on my list of places to go.

    Dave and I went to Fiji for our honeymoon in August and it was the perfect time to go. It was a total shock getting back to the coldest day in our town’s history though, lemme tell ya!

    So glad you had a great time, love seeing your pics x

  7. Check you out gorgeous girl! And yes I agree the natural beauty of that place is what makes it so special. I LOVE the Great Barrier Reef also, spend 4 days on a yacht pre-kids, some of best memories ever! Clever clog photos BTW x

  8. It looks beautiful.
    To be perfectly honest, I’ve never been completely inspired to visit far north QLD. We have so many beautiful beaches here, I don’t feel the need to go. I would love to see the great barrier reef though. Maybe one day. :)

  9. ann says:

    I am longing for some kind of holiday after seeing all your amazing pictures and hearing your stories.

  10. I would indeed! Summery vacays are my kind of vacay. It is such a beautiful part of the world. Would love to get there at some stage.

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  13. Oh, your post makes me homesick! I left Cairns nearly a year ago. Love Port Douglas, we used to pop up there for a weekend escape often.

  14. You’re in my stomping grounds & YES I love Port. Always a favourite & I was very excited to take my kids on a trip out to Agincourt Reef with Quicksilver just recently – they finally got to see the kinda reef I worked on every day (until they ‘popped’ into my life).

    Glad you had fun & nice write-up

  15. Talia says:

    I haven’t visited up this way, but I would love to now!! That glass bottomed boat is a great idea! I definitely think we need to do more Australian exploration!

    And thanks for linking up with #wanderlust!! Our next linkup is on the 3rd December, so mark it in your calendar! Also, I’m doing a call out for a wanderlust team, I think you’d be a great fit Vicki! Let me know if you’re keen. :)

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