Home! So Long Port Paradise!

I don’t know about your week, but I suspect that last one might have been the speediest week in the history of living. Time seems to play tricks when it gets a whiff that you’re on vacay. How bloody rude.

We have been forced to return home from paradise, AKA Port Douglas. It was always going to hurt.

I was reminded of the vast differences between home and paradise the moment I stepped off the plane with the Antarctic spews of icy wind attempting to turn us into icicles mid step. There was a full 20 degrees difference from one end of the flight to the other.

I will report fully on the paradise vacay over the next week or so and don’t worry, I only have 925 happy snaps to share with y’all but for now I just wanted to give you a wave to say I’m back on board with a happy freckle or two extra.

OK. I can’t help but share a little.

Port Douglas is really the loveliest of lovelies. It’s very pleasing.


It has climate and nature on it’s side. Winter in Port Douglas knows not the nasties of the south. It’s near perfect-ness makes you completely (and happily) oblivious to the crapola elements which make everyone turn into unhappy sods for about 3 months of the year.

We marveled at the two great World Heritage Areas that surround the resort infested town. The Great Barrier Reef and The Daintree are all a little trip away. What true treasures to see and a blessing to experience with the Vickletz.

Untitled design(11)

Port Douglas is a place where palm trees naturally border the notorious 4 Mile Beach.

1-DSC_0388It’s a place where flip flops rule, forget moccasins. It’s where you contemplate putting the air conditioner on, not the heater. You pull a sheet over yourself at night not a sheet + Eskimo like doona + fluffy woolen blanket x 2. Prawns are so everyday and local seafood is aplenty, there’s not a cup of pumpkin soup in site.


Mango Daiquiri’s are sipped not hot cups of tea and weddings are celebrated outside without threat of shitty weather.

1-DSC_0510{My cousins wedding which we celebrated under two huge Fig trees. THE. MOST. ROMANTIC. THING. EVER}

I was taken within a moment by all that Port Douglas has to offer. There’s oodles to do.

Of course being home brings comforts and means cravings for familiarity are met. The Vickletz, although happy travelers, are settled and content to have made it home and to be reunited with their much loved play things.

So for now, for me, some washing. And some more. And some more. Routine will settle in again and wanderlust for the next adventure will no doubt slowly rise, but for now, today, it’s nice to be just at home.

Have you visited Port Douglas? Fan?

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7 Responses to Home! So Long Port Paradise!

  1. I’ve been to Port Douglas and Cairns and the Whitsundays a few times. I love the weather although it can suck when it rains or storms during summer which is when most people visit. Would love to go back with my girls. :)

  2. Mandy says:

    Never been to Port Douglas but the pics look so nice! I find it really hard to settle back in every time I come back from a trip but I do get there… eventually.. after a couple of slow weeks. Hope you guys settle back into routine soon xx

  3. Well there’s a perfect piece of paradise! That ones going straight on the bucket list and maybe that plate of prawns too…

  4. Yes I love Port, I had a weekend there with my sissies, at the Sea Temple, it was delicious. My sister lives in Cairns and heads up there quite often. Bet you enjoyed the warmth! Keep warm lovely xxx

  5. […] motivation to vacay in Port Douglas last week was to celebrate my cousins nuptials. With that came a nice little girls only celebration […]

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  7. Francesca says:

    Oh wow, it looks amazing! If only…

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