Going Solo

Today marks a new chapter for us. That sounds so ruddy cliché but it’s so true.

I knew this year would bring change. Remember last year I wrote about stuff happening for us this year? I just had a feeling something new would happen. Admittedly I had much more adventurous and romantical ideals in mind. The whole living and working overseas as a family idea seems to have gone to shit, but that time will present itself. I will ensure it.

For the first time in my mothering journey, I will be doing it on my own. Probably just like the rest of you.

Before you start thinking too wildly, no, I’m not a newly single parent. I can see what that sentence might have sounded like but I have not decided to divorce Mr Vick. That’s another day, another blog post.

Instead Mr Vick today set off at the crack of sparrows looking like a (biggish) school boy. Backpack on and packed lunch inside. There was something adorable about the image. I felt like a proud Mummy farewelling my boy off at the school gate for the first time which kinda sounds creepy when I’m talking about my husband but that’s the only thing I can liken it to.

Mr Vick begins a degree at music smarty pants school today. For the next two years, Mr Vick will travel to the city (1 hour journey away) at least 3 days a week and continue his normal musical obligations which consume him every weekend. It’s taken Mr Vick a while to get to this place and us as a family will have to bend and give too but it’s needed to happen.

I’ve had it good in the past I admit. Mr Vick has been floating about in the background somewhere trying to work from home only to be disturbed by me asking for help ‘cos I was gonna have a mummy meltdown or me telling him I’m just popping down to the shops alone or that he needs to cook me something pronto because I can’t be arsed or because I just wanted a friend to talk to. He has been a good wingman whilst I got broken into this motherhood gig. I have never really been alone with it and he has understood the journey more than most husbands. I’ve needed him. With no mother in law and a mother who lives in the back of no mans land I haven’t had the support that others might. It’s just been him and I working it out.

Whilst that sounds marvellously romantic and unified there has been plenty of you-need-to-get-out-of-my-face-antics which seem to have been taken quite literally now. It’s not an easy gig having a husband around 24/7. I have heard many a wife say they couldn’t handle that kinda close confinement. Definitely divorce material. It’s something we have had to work on continuously and studiously. There’s been seriously crapola times but we’ve come to a place of contented harmony. So now he leaves me.

Now I have to deal with the same issues that many of you have been grappling with for yonks. Not having enough hands, boredom, no breathing time, too many domestic chores and no time to do them, refereeing stinky behaviour by myself, a fear of leaving the house by myself with mischievous kidlets in tow, resentment at husbands stimulating life, the extinction of nanna naps…. any more I should know about?

In truth, I’m not too sure when we will see that fellow called husband and Daddy but we’ll find our groove soon enough. Right?

shit could be worseI’ve started it off well anyway. I’m still in my PJ’s like all good house wives should be. I wonder if at ten past six I will rush into the bathroom to straighten myself up and put my lippy on. I guess we’ll have to see at fifteen past six.

I’m considering doing some baking and dare I say it…. sewing. Yes. I’m embracing this house wifey business with great fierceness. I might even do a spot of yoga since I suddenly feel like I have so much space and peace in my little world.

Of course the kids are just going to fall into line and play blissfully well and happily work around all of my domestic pursuits. Yes, ain’t that true?

I love me a mature age student. Were/are you one?

Do you have much time with zee husband about?

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5 Responses to Going Solo

  1. Dani from Sand Has No Home says:

    My husband commutes 2 weeks a month from Geelong to city, then works 2 weeks from home. Both can be tough in their different ways. The days can be very along when he is not here, and our little boy barely gets to see him those weeks, but it is good to have respite either way for us.

  2. Trish says:

    Good luck to your Hub.
    Naps and peace to you.
    My husband ,at times, is here 24/7 or somewhere on the farm. We worked together for 20 yrs and it got tense sometimes.
    I embrace when we goes away now for ME time.

  3. We travelled around Australia in a caravan when our kids were small, it took a bit of adjustment to have hubby around 24/7. But nowadays I love it – we get on so well, and like you say, it’s good to have my own personal wingman!

    Hope the next two years go well for you both!

    Visiting today from #teamIBOT xxx

  4. Sounds like it will be good for both of you more fodder to talk about, more appreciating each other. Hubby is gone by 5am and home at 4 and he used to work Saturdays but doesn’t now so I’m STOKED with all the extra time. I LOVE weekends when he’s here for me in the mornings. Can we do? YES WE CAN (ah I think so, says Lofty) xxxx

  5. Oh my goodness, this is so me, Vick! Bren has been around for the last few years with his studies and I swear the mornings he leaves early and I don’t have his help with school runs, I nearly lose my shit. I refer to it as “single mumming it” but actually, most partnered women handle mornings alone.

    I am so looking forward to Bren completing his degree and being gainfully employed but I will feel his absence!

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